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Megatech’s “Best” Rag Cutting Machineuse for cutting fabrics for recycling, – to supply wipers, cleaning rags for cleaners, mechanics, window cleaners, and industry in general.

Our simple design has resulted in a quiet, very safe, very efficient machine.

So if you are a cleaning rags/wipers supplier and have lots of clothing, cloth or rags to slice, slit  or cut then our fabric cutter machine will do it with ease!

First time users are always surprised how quiet they are and how easy they cut. Carefully hand finished . Thanks to today’s Modern Engineering we have created a  robust, extremely reliable and smart looking machine – a real earner for you.AAA Ragcutter

rags cutter,, fabric cutter, cloth cutter,

Versatility: –    Megatech’s “Best” Ragcutter  is designed to use on any table / bench at a height convenient  for the operator to either stand or sit. (Can easily be screwed down if required.) AAA Rag cutter

Safety: –  The operator has protection from the blade because the fabric is fed through a narrow slot (7mm) which stops fingers reaching the blade, thus preventing injuries.

The Ragcutter’s 230mm blade is  manufactured from hardened tool steel. When cutting wipers/rags it should need minimal sharpening, (just a “tickle” to keep it razor sharp) – lasting for many years before replacing.

Sharpening: –   the Ragcutter’s blade is sharpened by sliding our Diamond Sharpener through each side of  the slot  without removing blade or guards – no more hassles with stones & springs.

We keep it simple, the time between sharpens will depend on how much use it gets – perhaps the material too.

Paintwork is very tough & durable – rugged powder-coating as seen above.

The Ragcutter’s blade is directly driven from a 0.25 KW (1/3 HP) 110 or 220 volt electric motor spinning at 2800 rpm, providing an effortless cutting action!    Easy reach switch is on motor base.

The ” Best ” Rag Cutter is low maintenance and economical power wise, as its blade is directly driven off the motor and does not use belts and pulleys.

Megatech’s “Best” Ragcutter is manufactured from commercial grade aluminium plate, then finished in  a polyester powder-coating.

Cleaning: – Commercial Wipers / Rag Suppliers will be pleased to know that our cutter requires no maintenance other than occasional dusting externally.

                  Manufactured & expertly assembled here on the Gold Coast in Australia.

The whole unit weighs less than 10kg (22 lbs approx.), easily mailed through regular postage services, thus reducing freight costs.

You will definitely save loads of time and money with your new machine – not to mention saving your hands and cutting the stress!


Ragcutter Blade

These High Speed Steel blades come packaged in a cardboard cover with a flexible plastic protector on the razor sharp edge and in a plastic bag so your replacement blades reach you in good condition.

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